Your experience and your interest in therapy is important to me.  Please call with any questions or to set up an appointment:  415-494-9618

My formal education includes a BA from The University of California, Berkeley, and a Masters of Counseling Psychology, specializing in Somatics through the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA.

Throughout the last 16 years I have been training in body-oriented therapies. I have a diverse education in bodywork and healing modalities – some that I integrate into my psychotherapy practice, others I do not.  If you have any curiosity about whether you need bodywork or psychotherapy to address your particular concerns or desires for change within your life, I am open to discuss this together in a consulation session.  Please call or email with questions.

Certifications and long-term trainings:

  • CMT license for therapeutic massage;
  • CHT for guided imagery and parts work from the Santa Rosa based School for Alchemical Hypnotherapy and Somatic Integration work
  • Deep Bodywork Training with Perry and Johanna Holloman
  • Gestalt Awareness Work with Dorothy Charles and Zuza Engler
  • Esalen Institute year-long extended study
  • Certified yoga teacher with Ana Forrest Yoga Circle and Yoga Alliance.

I have developed a deep understanding of the nature of bodily tissue states that form who we are as individuals, and who we are when in relationship first through yoga and vipassana meditation, and then through psychotherapuetic studies that focus on the self-engagement of the client, somatic interventions, and relational therapy that aims to connect the client to a sense of balance and vitality.

On-going Studies:

  • Formative Psychology through the Center for Energetic Studies in Berkeley, CA  with Stanley Keleman and through consultation with Peter Wright and Christina Loeffel
  • The relational work of Diana Fosha, which she calls AEDP (Accelerated, Experiential, Dynamic, Psychotherapy) – an attachment based model based originally in Short Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.
  • You can find a brief description of these in my blog post:

Group Work/Trainings:

  • My training in group work began at the Esalen Instistute- for over 10 years as a community member and involved in Gestalt Process work with a multitude of groups
  • My masters program was set up as a collaborative learning environment where we worked in small groups and within community meetings around different leadership and group decision making formats.
  • A year-long professional training group with Bill Roller in Berkeley, CA, who works in a relational model based on Irving Yalom’s psychodynamic work and Systems approach of Yvonne Agizarian, looking at different leadership roles and helping members find ways to express themselves while also being receptive to differences within groups.
  • 3 year advanced process group with Bill Say in Ardold Mindell’s Process Work, which emphasized the development of empathy, play, and comfort within oneself while in community.  Arnold Mindell’s work is known as “World Work” because of the ways that it includes diversity matters and the development of humility alongside a redefinition of power structures both internally and externally.

I have a strong interest in individuals as well as psychotherapy with people that are in long-term friendships, partnerships, and business partnerships.  I am available for consultation with small groups who are working collaboratively on projects and may be having relational issues that are in need of support for better working relationships.

I am passionate about the healing that happens in community, groups, and through the therapeutic relationship.  Call today if you are looking for support within your organization, small business, or office suite.

I offer stress-reduction group-work, body-awareness exercises that are helpful for grounding and centering within busy days, and lead groups in relationship and communication skills for agencies and families alike.