Sexuality and Relationship Groups


Current Group: Sexuality: Recovery and Discovery in San Francisco

Registration is open for Sexuality: Recovery and Discovery, a committed group series for women starting June 1, 2016. Join my colleague Bianca Aarons and I and our forming group aimed to share in the transformation of the somatic and relational impacts of sexual trauma within a safe and empowering container.

In this group we will explore concepts around:

  • Boundaries- knowing them, setting them, enforcing them
  • Consent- how to ask for consent, how to give consent, and how to say yes or no clearly
  • Learning how to engage with and create an alliance with the signals of your body
  • Picking the right partner- and knowing when to work through something or when to walk away
  • Embodying Your Value, Empowering your voice
  • Softening and Opening Safely and Consciously
  • Learning to Trust and enjoy Sex

This group is for people who encounter shame, discomfort, power struggles, or fear around pleasure, attraction, and sexuality. This may or may not be connected to having a sexual abuse history. If your sexual relationship or dating life is being impacted by a past relational or sexual injury, this group is for you.

8 week series – Group leaders will be interviewing all members.

To see more information visit Bianca Aarons website at

Please feel free to contact me with any questions around whether your particular situation matches that of this group intention at 415-494-9618


Past Group: Healing the Pelvic Floor Group Co-lead with Jasmine De Lung 

“Healing the Pelvic Floor” was a therapy group specific to women with pelvic pain, painful sex, or pelvic floor numbness.  Pelvic Floor muscles are those that surround the vagina, cervix, and attach to the pelvic bones and sacrum.  The work within these groups was a deep and supportive group process discussing relational issues that stem from having pelvic floor muscles that are sensitive and many times require more explicit communication with partners in order to have an intimate life that is safe and pleasurable.  The group as a whole was embedded in a deep respect for all bodies being different and worthy of love and intimacy. Group finished after two 10 week series.






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