Welcome to my website.

I have information here that can help you learn about Somatic Psychotherapy, and how my private practice may be the right therapy for you.

Our psyche and our bodies are just like anything else in nature- they are going to thrive when we tend to them with care and attention, protect them from harm and toxicity, offer them light and rest, nurturance, and a stable ground to reach into and grow from. Therapy helps to create the optimal conditions for growth, healing, development, and personal empowerment. To tend weekly to ourselves in a mediated and supportive fashion is optimal. Sessions are usually 50-60 minutes, and therapy is engaged in weekly. I also endeavor to help you find the way that it can work for you in the best way possible. I believe that part of growth includes pacing, focus, and challenge, and that each individual situation has a unique set of needs. I offer sessions in my office, however also include phone, email and sessions online in some cases.

I offer free consultations over the phone for the purposes of answering questions, assessing our relational fit, and talking about scheduling and rates.

Call me at 415-494-9618 or through the form on my website to set up a consultation or session time.

I offer my writing around Somatic Psychotherapy, therapy in general, intimacy, and relationships via my blog.  Return here and see what is new within this site.