Kristel Allen, LMFT

Forming Trust and Ease in Relationship

An Invitation

I am a Somatic Psychotherapist servicing the Bay Area in San Francisco and Walnut Creek, CA.  I see individuals, couples, adolescents, and have ongoing therapy groups intended to help people build and benefit from emotional support and corrective relational experiences so that the present can be faced in new and rewarding ways.

If you are experiencing strain, tension, confusion, or heartache, these are signals from your body that you are in need of support, care, and nurturance towards what your are struggling with. We are not wired in a way that we are to be left alone with our struggles or to live without loving relationships. We feel vital and vibrant the more we engage in activities that increases a sense of vitality, the more we have a sense of connection and interconnection to those around us. Investing in therapy is a way to ensure that you are tending to that which is alive – that being you, your relationships, the ways that you may connect or disconnect from others, and building bridges and ways across your life’s circumstances with more ease, and even with more fun and pleasure along the way. 

It is a misunderstanding that we humans have created around our own survival that we expect ourselves to live life without conscious attention towards what is happening within our lives. I am passionate about challenging shame-based thinking around support, self-care, and psychotherapy. If you are interested in a dialogue about this, contact me and we can explore the options available for that.

I intend for my office, and our relationship, to be a safe place of refuge within your life’s circumstances. I see it as a place to grow, learn, and transform.

When we have a sense of connection in our lives, most anything that comes our way is more tolerable and faced with more resilience and sensibility. Somatic Psychotherapy can help to form a tangible sense of connection, ease, and empowerment within your life so that your life circumstances are woven with your own unique quality of self-management. There are no guarantees in life, but there are many, many more possibilities than limitations.

Call me to set up a consultation to answer questions you may have around how I work, my rates, or session times available.   You can reach me through the links on the Contact section of this site.

Let’s see what is possible together.